Typical Kalbarri sunset

Typical Kalbarri sunset

Wildflowers Australias Coral Coast

Wildflowers Australias Coral Coast

Cervantes Pinnacles

Cervantes Pinnacles

Red Bluff Lookout

Red Bluff Lookout



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Kalbarri Attractions


From sandy beaches to the Tumblagooda sandstone walls that make up Kalbarri’s inland gorges, there is something for everyone to do in this compact town of Kalbarri. The Murchison River runs through the inland gorges and enters the Indian Ocean at Chinamans Beach. A wonderful location for activities such as hiking, surfing, fishing and a variety of water activities.

Rainbow Jungle Kalbarri


Rainbow Jungle is regarded as Australia’s most beautiful parrot habitat. Described as one of the wonders of Western Australia, this is a unique complex with a genuine touch of magic. Walk on the wild side. You will find the largest parrot free flight aviary in the country, with the biggest flock of Purple Crowned Lorikeets in the world and other brightly coloured Australian parrots. Parrotiso’s is an open air cinema which shows up to date movies during the warmer months. Parrotiso’s is well appointed with a snack bar, wood fired Pizza and soon to be included… a licensed bar.

Kalbarri National Park

– Magnificent gorges, unique features and scenery including wildflowers.

There are two separate gorge areas, the Coastal Gorges and the River Gorges. Each has unique features and scenery including wildflowers, wildlife and whales passing by in season. These are some of the attractions of this National Park, there are many more!

Hike through the 460 million year old gorges of Kalbarri National Park. You can get a good view of the gorges by taking the road into the park, where you’ll find a couple of breathtaking lookouts such as The Loop, The Z Bend, Hawks Head and Ross Graham Lookout.
Please remember to carry water with you on the walk and wear appropriate clothing.

River Gorges – Nature’s Window, The Loop, Z Bend, Hawks Head and Ross Graham Lookout
At The Loop there are several lookouts that give different perspectives of the river. Nature’s Window is the best-known attraction here with its natural rock arch perfectly framing the upstream view. The Z Bend is a rock lookout that overhangs the river at the end of a moderately easy 500m walk. Hawks Head is a popular picnic area in the park, with glorious views of the gorge, and at the Ross Graham Lookout, the gorge below is relatively shallow so visitors can easily wander down to the river pools.
If you’re short on time, the Loop and Hawks Head are the ones to check out, with signs marking the short walks from nearby car parks. While walking to these spots isn’t difficult and will suit all fitness levels, it’s recommended you wear good walking shoes.

Blue Holes …is a Fish Habitat Protection Area located 3KMs South of the town and is a popular snorkelling beach. With numerous rock pools to explore and sandy beach to relax and pass the time, put the Blue Holes on your to do list whilst in Kalbarri. Best time of day to visit is the mornings before the sea breeze comes in.
Red Bluff …. Well known for its scenery, fishing, swimming and snorkelling with a back drop of the Red Bluff lookout. Red Bluff comes alive at sunset when the rusty red cliffs have the setting sun shining off the rock face. Also a popular place for weddings!

Pot Alley …. Named by local crayfishermen after losing many craypots the the hazardous rocky cove. Beach access from the walk trail makes Pot Alley a local favourite. Ideal for fishing and photographers. Around the dusk period kangaroos can be spotted feeding amongst the scrub. The local dolphins can usually be spotted from the cliff top usually in the mornings.

Mushroom Rock Nature Trail…. Mushroom Rock Walk Trail is 3 Kms in length. Whilst enjoying the trail take in the geological formations formed over the years by waves breaking against the cliffs and keep an eye out for the local kangaroos feeding early morning and late afternoon. Allow between one and two hours to stroll the marked circuit that connects Rainbow Valley and Mushroom Rock. Please remember to carry water with you on the walk and wear appropriate clothing. Eagle Gorge ….Enjoy the panoramic view from the crest of Eagle Gorge or take the nature trail down to the beach.
Island Rock & Natural Bridge …. Accessible to all, picnic shelter and toilets make this gorge and ideal stop off point for lunch or an enjoyable sunset late in the day. A lookout has been constructed to give unrivaled views back up the coast including Natural Bridge. Bring your camera and spend some quality time watching the local wildlife at play. In season you will see the Southern Right Whales migrating South ( June to November).

There are a number of fantastic tours that can be taken whilst you are staying in Kalbarri and I have made up a separate page to list them. To do so here would be an injustice to them (plus it would make this a really long page !!)